About us

man spread out taped fingers with black medical athletic tape 7,6 mm and outstretched arms infront of face

Tape Lab Your Solution for Injury Prevention and Swift Recovery

Fueled by the passion for combat sports we made up our minds how we can help to prevent injuries and speed up recovery.
There is nothing more frustrating than taking a break from the sport you love or "just" working out in general. Thats how we came up with Tape Lab, our own athletic tape and its composition of fabric and glue.

Summed up...if you strive for long-lasting physical health while practising the sport you love then you are at the right website!


Our Motivation Is Your Benefit

There are some key qualities every tape needs to protect you from injuries. Thats what we figured out by exercising countless hours ourself and interviewing athletes from around the world.
There is nothing more useless than tape which is falling off after a short period of time and does not support your body due to the composition of its material. 
We spend a lot of time in the Tape Lab and came up with our own athletic tape for all athletes and high demands.
We simply just don`t want you to suffer from soreness and injuries.