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Tape Lab Athletic Finger Tape // 7,6mm x 13,7m (5-Pack) - Synthetic - Rigid - Zinc Oxide Glue

Tape Lab Athletic Finger Tape // 7,6mm x 13,7m (5-Pack) - Synthetic - Rigid - Zinc Oxide Glue

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As soon as you tie your belt or slip into your rashguard its time to forget about the daily madness. Imagine you can leave everything behind and just focus on your training session. Finishing the next technique on you partner or surviving the round against a strong opponent.
Its about you, the art of moving and having as much fun as possible.
All that should be possible without being too afraid of jamming your fingers, getting stuck in you partners kimono or injuries while someone breaks your grip explosively. Things which happen all the time but no one wants to take a break from his or her favorite hobby.
But now you are here to prepare yourself or get the necessary support for a safe return on the mat. Do your joints something good and choose Tape Lab!

Features of our Medical Athletic Tape:

  • Keep moving - The main goal of our tape is to keep you moving forward. Thats why our medical athletic tape is based on a non-elastic substrate made of 100% rayon for high support during your whole workout. Your joints will thank you!
  • Adhesion - Isn´t it a pain in the neck when your athletic tape is falling of your fingers during exercise? We spend a lot of time in the lab to work on the composition and ratio of our glue to make it stick to your joints cause thats were it belongs. When you have to search for the end to tear it off after training, you know its sticky enough! Additionally there will be no sticky residues after you take off the tape.
  • Hypoallergenic - Its just to ironic getting a reaction from tape while is supposed to support you in the first place. Thats why our athletic tape is latex free and we use medical hot melt glue enriched with zinc oxide to ensure a skin-friendly, non-irritating fit.
  • Breathability - The texture of our fabric is designed with clearance in between the fibres. This allows sweat and other perspirations to be transported to the surface of the medical finger tape. We will treat your skin with care. Try it out and give us the chance to win you over with our quality.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Pj Lucey

A fantastic product. I've been using the tape lab product for awhile now. Its held up really well. Training long hours normal means I have to retape a number of times but not with this product. I would highly recommend.

Hey buddy! Thanks for the review and being such a special customer. Looking forward to continue working together with you. Stay safe, Alex

Anja Sell

awesome tape :)

Hey Anja, thanks for the review. Your support while reaching out means a lot to us. Have a great day, Alex :-)

Michal Kukumberg

Medical Athletic Finger Tape - 7,6 mm x 13,7 m (5-Pack)

Hey Michal, obrigado for reaching out and making the review. Thanks for having you as a customer! Greets, Mike :-)

Andrew Quinn
Amazing tape

Pink tape is super effective 😂😇

Hey Andrew, thanks for taking your time to write that review. Appreciate it a lot! Greets, Alex :-)

rodrigo mauricio

Medical Athletic Finger Tape - 7,6 mm x 13,7 m (5-Pack)

Hey Rodrigo! Thanks for the review! Stay safe, Alex :-)